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Posted By:  UnknownPK @ 17 December 2014 - 12:02 AM

The hack is safe and functional. However, keep in mind 2 people have been banned because they accidentally loaded the hack while in game. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!




The Ticket System has been wiped clean entirely, including in-progress tickets,

so if you are having problems please post a new ticket.

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Posted By:  UnknownPK @ 16 December 2014 - 02:10 PM

Regarding the people who join teamspeak:


Last night, we had people join teamspeak asking users to download and add people on there Skype. There mission was to infect peoples computer, so please listen! Only trust GESTAFF, inside of the teamspeak or don't even trust anyone. If you get told to download something report it and include who told you to download it.

I've recoded the loader entirely to prevent it from crashes.

Please download and try it; give feedback.
I truly am sorry all of you had this issue. I checked my code to make sure it was all correct, and nothing made sense so I recoded my loader entirely. I removed stuff that I didn't think that needed to be here. 


PLEASE tell me what you think.
Game Exploits

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Toggle %s Apologies

Posted By:  Elektrolime @ 16 December 2014 - 07:38 AM



On behalf the GE-STAFF, I would like to apologize for all of the issues that occurred today. We received many complaints regarding the BigBlackClan Leaders, Bran & Dave, and they have been eliminated from our community. They disrespected staff members, attempted to get other members banned, and overall; they are trolls. I personally truly do apologize for all of the nonsense that BigBlackClan caused today; however, on a side note, do NOT ever believe / trust anyone but a GE-STAFF member when it comes to downloading programs via third party applications such as Skype or Mediafire. Part from the BigBlackClan, the hack has been down for the entire day and we are sorry, but UnknownPK is working his hats off trying to fix it. He has looked over his code several times and has found absolutely no errors, and he is planning to re design the entire hack injector. Once again, on behalf of the GE-STAFF, I truly am sorry for all of the issues that were caused today.



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Toggle %s Loader And Guid Update's

Posted By:  UnknownPK @ 15 December 2014 - 05:31 PM



The loader has had a big update and also the GUID has had an major update. As you may have all seen we have been updating frequently; this update took a few days but its nearly done. I've updated the GUID Issues and problems. New members buying VIP will no longer have 0 GUID Change Requests, but instead you will have the default (3). However, now the GUID will not be reset over 24 hours, it will be reset over 3 days, but can request for a change if no sharing is found or using another computer on the same IP!


Sorry this is to help protect our hack from detections. I also have updated the loader i twill now display VIP/PUBLIC/BETA before the hack so you know what the hacks mean. Also the updating process where it would spam your computer with loads of loader and give problems this has been fixed and sorted! I've also change d protection which will help fight the crackers! All hacks will require an update for this protection to take effect. Please don't worry it's not a major update, it's something small and can be done quickly. Please do not spam us with tickets regarding this update. Their is also a lot of other mini bug fixes that I feel I don't have to include here!

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Status: Released!
Last Update: 03/04/14

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Hack Name Permission Status Last update
A.V.A VIP Undetected 18-12-2014
AA Proving Ground VIP Undetected 18-12-2014
Arma3 VIP Updating 11-07-2014
Crossfire NA VIP Undetected 18-12-2014
DayZ MOD VIP Updating 27-11-2014
DayZ SA VIP Undetected 18-12-2014
Insurgency VIP Undetected 18-12-2014
Special Force TH VIP Undetected 18-12-2014

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